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October has reached the gorge of Samaria.


Formations in the rock.


Deep in the valley


Our walk in the gorge with Julianne and Dena.

??????????????????????????????? Roussos Viglis was the guide, as always ready to answer any questions and prepared with many stories. When we reached Samaria village we had a pick nick with tomatoes, olives, graviera cheese, sea salt and rusk. The houses in the village look very old and abandoned but in fact they were inhabited untill 1962, when the national Park was created and all the locals had to leave the area. The renovated house that you see, is the Viglis family house and the sign on it explains a bit of its history. Here is a rough translation:

“This was Theodoros Viglis house and after his death (killed January 1897 in the batlle against the Tourkish occupation at Xilokamaria Nerokourou) it was passed along to his first cousin Roussos Viglis (our Roussos grandfather) that died in 1941.

In may 1941 the government of Greece along with the prime minister Emmanouel Tsouderos and the king George the second with his escorts were fleeing to Kairo through the gorge and stayed in this house. Fom here they composed their last message to the greek people urging them to continue the fight against the German occupation.”
Roussos explained that his father, Stavros Viglis didn’t like having the king in their house and was held back by his brothers as to not create a fight.

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An oasis!

10425075_656842347743294_2818590441264236724_nΣτο καταπράσσινο φαράγγι της Ελιγιάς. Όαση δροσιάς!
In the rich greenery of Eligia Gorge. An oasis!