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Cooking lesson with Dena and Julianne.

Fruit gathering from the garden and cooking lesson with Julianne and Dena.

We started early in the morning and went to grandfather’s house to collect figs and peaches. We also made a short inspection of the garden and the rest of the trees.The mango tree was doing well. Back in the kitchen we seared pork chops and let them cook  in claypots with honey, wine and tomato sause as well as the fresh fruit we had gathered. As you can see in the pictures, the katsouna (traditional cretan walking stick) is a multitasker.



Visiting Agios Antonios church in Agia Roumeli.

It’s a tiny church in a cave. We visited it yesterday afternoon with Dena and Julianne. St Anthony liked to live in caves.

This is the view from up there:

Bread in the making!


Ψωμί στον ξυλόφουρνο. Παραδοσιακά και νόστιμα.
Breadmaking in the stone oven. What a taste!

An oasis!

10425075_656842347743294_2818590441264236724_nΣτο καταπράσσινο φαράγγι της Ελιγιάς. Όαση δροσιάς!
In the rich greenery of Eligia Gorge. An oasis!


Ήρθε το καλοκαίρι… Προσθέστε μόνο τον τζίτζικα 🙂

Summer is here… Just add the cicadas!

Our sea...

Καλημέρα Λιβυκό!

Goodmorning Libyan Sea!