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The contest with the sun

“Ο Γιάννης με τον ήλιο συνορίζοντο
το ποιός θα πάει στη Δύση γρηγορήτερο
κι ο ήλιος εδρασκέλα όρη και βουνά
κι ο Γιάννης ο καημένος χαμολάγκαδα”


“Yannis was contesting with the sun
who will reach the West the soonest
and the sun’s steps were from mountain to mountain
and poor Yannis remained in the low valleys”

Rizitiko (old Cretan folk song)

Samaria Experience: The Programme

The Samaria Experience – back to the roots of Cretan traditions

The “Samaria Experience” is a unique programme of activities created and run by a prominent family from the villages of Samaria and Agia Roumeli.

For many years Roussos Viglis has been dreaming of conveying his intimate knowledge and deep love of one of the most remote and wildest places in Europe. Finally the time is ripe and the “Samaria Experience” started running from spring 2014.

In 4 days of activities centered around the village of Agia Roumeli and the gorge of Samaria you will get an understanding of what it was like to live in this beautiful but harsh place: how people lived and how they survived in almost complete isolation, what they ate, how they cooked.

You will also discover the gorge of Samaria as very few see it: away from crowds and through the eyes of people who were born and grew up there.

Το κρητικό χωριό.

Το κρητικό χωριό. Ερήπεια, φως και λόφοι.

A village in Crete. Ruins, light and hills.

The temple of Panagia churche during the aster liturgy.

Peace and love mystery

Panagia Church during the Easter liturgy

The resurrection liturgy is always mystifying.There are the chants, the gathering of the people and the anticipation. Then there is the spreading of the light accompanied by warm wishes and the sound of your own singing voice joining the others. The rythm is given by ecstatic church bells. Christ has risen.