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Lamb roast in the new oven.

Lamb roast in the new oven

Boureki: a vegetarian dish from Crete with pumpkin, misithra and lots of fresh mint!

1For boureki (μπουρέκι) you need pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes and misithra. If you don’t have misithra you can choose a goat cheese from your area that could resemble it in taste.

Slice up your ingredients and mix them all together with salt, pepper, oregano, basil and a lot of fresh mint. Do not foget to use plenty of olive oil!

Place in a pan and pour some more misithra mixed with greek yogurt and bread crumbs over it.

Let it cook in a preheated oven at 200 Celcius for about an hour until the potatoes are soft and creamy.

Καλή όρεξη!

More pictures here.

*Misithra: creamy white goat cheese from the mountains of Chania.


Samaria Experience: The Programme

The Samaria Experience – back to the roots of Cretan traditions

The “Samaria Experience” is a unique programme of activities created and run by a prominent family from the villages of Samaria and Agia Roumeli.

For many years Roussos Viglis has been dreaming of conveying his intimate knowledge and deep love of one of the most remote and wildest places in Europe. Finally the time is ripe and the “Samaria Experience” started running from spring 2014.

In 4 days of activities centered around the village of Agia Roumeli and the gorge of Samaria you will get an understanding of what it was like to live in this beautiful but harsh place: how people lived and how they survived in almost complete isolation, what they ate, how they cooked.

You will also discover the gorge of Samaria as very few see it: away from crowds and through the eyes of people who were born and grew up there.


Να τα και τα ντολμαδάκια! Έχει και ανθούς απο κάτω ε! Here! Stuffed winleaves in the clay pot. Oh and don’t worry there are also zucchini flowers underneath!

It's a bread making situation

This bread will taste amazing. It is made in the old way with the simple traditional recipe and of course in the stone oven! Spiros always makes quite a lot and we make rusk out of some of it. It is made out in big loafs and has a sort of salty sour taste!

Goodmorning from Crete!

Kαλημέρα με χταποδάκι στιφάδο στο πήλινο!

Octopus with cinnamon and tomato, made in a traditional clay pot. It is cooked very slowly on a small coal base also made of clay. My father had it made according to a tunisian coal base my uncle brought back from his travels!
Goodmorning from Crete!

Μαλακερά και χορταρένια.


Μαλακερά και χορταρένια.
Cretan traditional pies with tiromalama* or spinach.

*tiromalama= a white creamy cheese from the region of Chania. It’s something in between mozarella and haloumi.Amazing when grilled!