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This was once a booming factory.

One of many old factories we find along the river in the gorge of Samaria. We now think a place like this is the closest we can get to nature, but in the old days it was actually a buisy place to be! For example, the gorge was considered a “highway” to get to Chania. There were many small factories that used the strong current of the river. Flour and olive oil for the whole region were produced this way. People would come with loads of wood all the way from south Heraklion to use the saw mills.

Road trip.

On our way from Chania to Sfakia. This was on the day before Easter. We were going to Agia Roumeli to celebrate there. When we started out in Chania the weather was perfect , with a hint of two small clouds stuck to the mountains. As we reached the plateau of Askifou the picture was completely different. Here the fog and rainy clouds were revealed! There is always the chance of having comlete oposite weather conditions on the two sides of the island due the mountain chain!


Κόρακας κοράκου μάτι.

Dracunculus vulgaris