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Walking up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli on an autumn day.



It was an autumn day and the Samaria Gorge was closed due to the rain in the previous days. We walked up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli. Five condors were cirkeling around in the sky. Then they started flying horizontically left and right breathtakingly close to us. I had never been so close to them before. It was an amazing experience.

October has reached the gorge of Samaria.


On the last day of September.




Good morning from Sfakia! Let’s go on a boat trip!

Bread in the making!


Ψωμί στον ξυλόφουρνο. Παραδοσιακά και νόστιμα.
Breadmaking in the stone oven. What a taste!


Ήρθε το καλοκαίρι… Προσθέστε μόνο τον τζίτζικα 🙂

Summer is here… Just add the cicadas!

Η κρυφή είσοδος του φαραγγιού της Ελιγιάς. The hidden entrance to Eligia Gorge.

Η κρυφή είσοδος του φαραγγιού της Ελιγιάς. The hidden entrance to Eligia Gorge.
You have to follow an invisible zigzag to enter. Impossible to imagine it’s there unless you already know!

Thank you GeoDali

Thank you GeoDali

A review of our program in Trip Advisor

Beekeeping lesson with Raquel and Carsten!

This was the day before the new queen bees that we had created were going to break out of their queen cells. It is absolutely critical to seperate them before they exit because otherwise the first one out will kill the rest in order to remain the only queen in the hive. Therefore we removed the queencells from the incubating mother hive and seperated them. Then we went to the small new hives we are growing.

These are three small hives that are connected to a mother hive. They are being nourished by this mother hive and it’s queen but they don’t have a queen of their own and they are seperated from each other and the mother by a net. In each new hive we have already inserted a strong honeycob with many bees from another hive and two new empty ones.

So we opened each of the new hives and inserted the queen cell. This way the next day teh new queen will crawl out of it’s cell to it’s all new hive that belongs only to her and doesn’t have to fight any rivals. And if succesful we will have created 12 new bee hives!

As you can see our beehives are place up on the hill in the old village of Agia Roumeli. The view is great from up there!

It was a great beekeeping lesson! Thank you Raquel and Carsten for joining and enjoying!


Δέντρο στο φαράγγι της Ελιγιάς.
Tree in Eligias gorge.