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Agios Pavlos Church.

St. Paul Church Agia Roumeli Bay Crete

This tiny window belongs to Agios Pavlos (St. Paul) church, on the South Coast of Crete. The church is one of Crete’s oldest and is built right on the beach. It is very small and beautiful. It was made of the beach stones found in the area so it feels as though it is part of the scenery. This is the view from it’s window.

Recycling the beeswax 2015

Recycling the beeswax 2015

Recycling the beeswax 2015 Stavros and Giannis are here seperating the old blackened and ofcourse empty honeycombs from their wooden panels and preparing them to be recycled. The honeycombs will be melted in a steampress and then collected. Roussos will go through this procedure two times in order for the wax to be filtered correctly. This way we will receive clear beeswax. We will then mold the beeswax into fresh wax sheets that will be inserted into the new pannels and serve as teh base or the new honeycombs. In sprin the bees will start building their new cells on top of these wax sheets and then later on fill them with honey.

On the last day of September.


This was once a booming factory.

One of many old factories we find along the river in the gorge of Samaria. We now think a place like this is the closest we can get to nature, but in the old days it was actually a buisy place to be! For example, the gorge was considered a “highway” to get to Chania. There were many small factories that used the strong current of the river. Flour and olive oil for the whole region were produced this way. People would come with loads of wood all the way from south Heraklion to use the saw mills.

Level two: second castle

The trouth is that the second castle was much further up than my brother remembered. He had said that it has about the same distance as the first one but I can tell you right now he was mistaken. I panted up trying to keep up with him and as we couldn’t find it were we though it woud be, eventually  I sat down and sent him on to check if he would find it soon. He called out to me five minutes later, so I got up and also reached it.

The view was definately rewarding!  We were at an altitude of 540 m.

As we were walking downwards we had to be caredul not to twist an ancle or fall because it was quite steep and some rocks were unstable. We also had to hurry a bit because he sunset had reached us and we didnt want to be caught by the night up there!

More pictures here.


Level one: First tourkish castle

Level one done: we reached the first tourkish castle easy as we had done many times before. It was very hot though and we were soaked. We carried on at once because we had said we were going all the way up tp the second castle. I had never been before and Giannis told me it’s about the same distance as the frst one.  More pictures here.DSC02425