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Kri Kri buck in Kefalovrisia

kri kri samaria experience

On our Samaria tour with Kristin Pedersen we encountered a handsome 4 yearold kri kri buck in Kefalovrisia. We especially noticed his beautifull horns! Thank yu Kristin for the nice pictures! Στη βόλτα μας στα Κεφαλοβρύσια συνταντήσαμε εναν ωραίο τράγο τεσσάρων χρονών. Ιδιαίτερη προσοχή δώσαμε στα όμορφα κέρατα.

krikri samaria experience 2krikri samaria experience 3krikri samaria experience

In the shadow of the majestic pinetrees, between high mountains…

pine trees samaria

In the shadow of the majestic pinetrees. Nothing like a guided tour of the Samaria Gorge by a true local. 


The view from Xiloskalo a few days ago.


It is a beautiful way to start your day!

Walking up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli on an autumn day.



It was an autumn day and the Samaria Gorge was closed due to the rain in the previous days. We walked up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli. Five condors were cirkeling around in the sky. Then they started flying horizontically left and right breathtakingly close to us. I had never been so close to them before. It was an amazing experience.

Recycling the beeswax 2015

Recycling the beeswax 2015

Recycling the beeswax 2015 Stavros and Giannis are here seperating the old blackened and ofcourse empty honeycombs from their wooden panels and preparing them to be recycled. The honeycombs will be melted in a steampress and then collected. Roussos will go through this procedure two times in order for the wax to be filtered correctly. This way we will receive clear beeswax. We will then mold the beeswax into fresh wax sheets that will be inserted into the new pannels and serve as teh base or the new honeycombs. In sprin the bees will start building their new cells on top of these wax sheets and then later on fill them with honey.