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Kri Kri buck in Kefalovrisia

kri kri samaria experience

On our Samaria tour with Kristin Pedersen we encountered a handsome 4 yearold kri kri buck in Kefalovrisia. We especially noticed his beautifull horns! Thank yu Kristin for the nice pictures! Στη βόλτα μας στα Κεφαλοβρύσια συνταντήσαμε εναν ωραίο τράγο τεσσάρων χρονών. Ιδιαίτερη προσοχή δώσαμε στα όμορφα κέρατα.

krikri samaria experience 2krikri samaria experience 3krikri samaria experience

In the shadow of the majestic pinetrees, between high mountains…

pine trees samaria

In the shadow of the majestic pinetrees. Nothing like a guided tour of the Samaria Gorge by a true local. 


Beekeeping lesson with Roussos

Beekeeping lesson with Roussos with the Samaria Experience Roussos enjoyed having a beekeeping lesson in June with Kristin K Pedersen. It is a nice experience to share knowledge and love for the bees! Thank you so much for the nice fotos!

the bee colony view of mountains samaria experience

The bee colony from above. The location of the beehive is in the old village of Agia Roumeli, calmly situated between the mountains.

the bee colony samaria experience

The bee colony

smoking the beehive samaria experience

Roussos uses the smoker to calm the bees down. The smoke does not work as a sedative. Instead it signals to the bees that thereis fire somewhere so they are preoccupied with finding it instead of attacking.

lifting up the beehive samaria experience

Roussos can usually tell just from opening the beehive how the bees are doing. If they are healthy, active, how they are performing and if they need support.

roussos bees samaria experience

Roussos is checking out the first honeycomb.

working bees samaria experience

Bees buisily working along.

queen bee samaria experience

The queen bee. You can spot her from the colour on her back but a trained eye can find her from her bigger size and slightly different shape.

roussos explaining about new honeycomb samaria experience

Roussos is checking out a new honeycomb.

new honeycomb samaria experience

The bees have started to build their wax hexagons on the new honeycomb.

agia roumeli samaria experience

The calm surrounding of Agia Roumeli.

goats agia roumeli samaria experience

And ofcourse…goats.

Walking up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli on an autumn day.



It was an autumn day and the Samaria Gorge was closed due to the rain in the previous days. We walked up from the turkish castle above Agia Roumeli. Five condors were cirkeling around in the sky. Then they started flying horizontically left and right breathtakingly close to us. I had never been so close to them before. It was an amazing experience.

Father’s house in the old stone village of Agia Roumeli

Father's house in the old stone village of Agia Roumeli

Father’s house in the old stone village of Agia Roumeli

The river of Agia Roumeli

Spring river

Spring river

At the exit of the Samaria Gorge the river, strong with Spring water, reaches Agia Roumeli.

Easter 2015

easter lamb

Easter Lamb

Χριστός Ανέστη! Christ has risen! Happy Easter Everyone!
After forty days of fasting the lamb is being prepared. Nevertheless the fasting dishes are perhaps better than the lamb… Including cuttlefish, snails, delicious vegetable casseroles and much more!

Another one of the Easter delights that rewards you for the long period of fasting are the Kalitsounia. These are cretan traditional pies with tiromalama or spinach. Tiromalama is a white creamy cheese from the region of Chania. It’s something in between mozarella and haloumi. Amazing when grilled!




Every year in Agia Roumeli there is a big feast right after the resurrection mass on Saturday night. First the re is the Easter bonfire and then everyone sits down at the table to listen to music, enjoy lamb, whine and kalitsounia and of course dance. This year the feast was set in our taverna and not on the street because it gave good protection from the wind.

Prepping the Easter feast

Prepping the Easter feast

We would like to thank the culture society of Agia Roumeli “Samaria” for organizing a wonderful event featuring the Cretan music group of Charis and Giorgis Pantermakis. Here is a video from the night: